After your students are in your Rosters, there are 2 options for how students can sign into InnerOrbit with their Google accounts:

Note: If you don't have students in your rosters yet, you can sync your rosters with Google Classroom or give students a Sign-up link to add themselves into your Rosters. 

OPTION 1: Use InnerOrbit Log-in Page

1.) Send students this link: > click on "Sign in with Google."

2.) Once students click on the login page, they'll be taken to their dashboard where they'll see assessments you've assigned them. 

OPTION 2: Use Assignment Link

1.) Send the assignment link found in your assessment tile.

2.) When students click on the assignment link, they will go to the login page (as shown in Option 1), click "Sign in with Google".

They will then be taken directly to the assessment,

by-passing their student dashboard.

Check out our video of how students log in here! Or chat with us through the purple magnifying glass in the bottom right of your screen. We'd love to hear from you :)

Happy Orbiting! 🧠 🚀 💫

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