If you don't have rosters in InnerOrbit yet, you can sync your rosters from Google classroom directly into the site. 

STEP 1: Go to your "Rosters" tab.

STEP 2: Click "Import Rosters" from Google.

STEP 3: Sign into your Google account.

STEP 4: Select which rosters you want to sync into InnerOrbit.

You'll now see your classes in InnerOrbit under your Rosters tab

and when you create and assign an assessment.

Step 5: To get your students into InnerOrbit, either send students to www.innerorbit.com/login OR send them the direct assessment link.*

*With either method, students will click "Sign in with Google"

For more help getting students signed into InnerOrbit after you've sync'd rosters with Google Classroom, check out this video.

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