When Signed into your Teacher account, head to your Rosters Tab.

Scroll to the roster where you'd like to add students and click "add students."

Next, you'll choose "Paste or upload student names and emails"

Tick the check boxes for the information you'd like to input and choose "Paste Data Into a Textbox"

Follow the directions/examples to organize names and email addresses with a comma, like so: 

Dylan, Bob, bob@myschool.com
Hendrix, Jimmy, jimmy@myschool.com
Mitchell, Joni, joni@myschool.com

Paste names and email addresses into the check boxes, Click "Continue" and save all student on the next page to add them to you roster and create their accounts!

Need help?

Chat with us through the purple magnifying glass in the bottom right of your screen or email support@rocketlit.com. We'd love to hear from you :)

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