If you already have your rosters uploaded, you can follow these steps. If you don't have rosters uploaded, please read these articles to help get your rosters setup on InnerOrbit. 

In this article, we'll explain how to add a single student or a smaller group of students to a second roster. This is helpful if you're creating modified assessments and only want to assign them to a single student or a small group of students. You'll be able to create assessments and assign them to only this roster, 

  1. Head to your Rosters Tab. 

2. Click to Create New Roster

3. Name your roster something similar to the roster with all students. For example, I may assign modified assessments to a roster named "Period 2." with a period at the end and assign all my original assessments to a roster named "Period 2"

4. Follow the setup wizard until you get to the last slide, where you'll click "Add students who already have accounts"

5. Search for the students name and click the check box next to all students who you'd like to add to the new roster.

6. Success! Now you should see the new roster with the student(s) you've selected in your Rosters Tab.

7. Next we'll assign the new/modified assessment to the class we've created in the Assessments Tab. Click on the name/image of the assessment you want students in your new roster to take, or click "create new" to make a new assessment to assign. 

8. Click the check box next to the new roster to assign this assessment to our new roster with only one student in it. 

If all you were looking to do was give one assessment to one student, then you're done! 

Beyond this point, we describe steps only necessary if you're using this option to give a modified assessment to a smaller group of students, while the rest of your students are taking a different assessment. We need to lock the unmodified assessment so these students aren't taking 2 versions of the assessment. 

9. Now let's lock the original assessment for our student in their main roster, so they don't take the assessment twice. Head back to your Assessments tab to click on the image/name of the unmodified assessment that you don't want the student we've added to a new roster to take. 

10 Click on the lock image next to the original roster's name where your student is with the rest of their classmates. 

11. Click the green lock button, so that it turns Red for the student we've added to our new roster. This will prevent this students from being able to take the unmodified assessment.

12. The student will now appear in the Locked Column and will not be able to access the unmodified assessment. 

Darth will be unable to click on or see the assessment we've locked them out of. If Darth has modifications needed for their assessments and we've created a different assessment for them to take, they won't be able to take the unmodified assessment now, since we've locked them out!

If this wasn't helpful or you have further questions, please reach out through the in-app chat or send us an email to support@innerorbit.com

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