This article will walk you through your School management tab, where you can invite teachers and track whether they've signed up, adding rosters, and assigned assessments or articles.

1. When you're logged into your teacher account, head to the "School" tab.

2. Click on "Teachers" to see all the teachers currently in your school.

3. Click "Invite Teachers".

3. Select "Teachers at my school", if you'd like to add folks to your school's license.

4. We recommend "Send them emails for me" so you can track who's been invited and who's accepted the invite to login.

*You can also choose "Give me a link to share" to send to teachers.

5. If you chose "Send them emails for me" you'll enter teacher emails in the next page.

6. Click Send Invitations!

7. Click Done to track the folks you've invited and resend invites.

8. Remove folks from your school by using the gear on the left hand side of the same School>Teachers page.

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