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  1. How does the RocketLit diagnostic work?

  2. When and how does my students' reading levels change? (scroll down to find this section!)

How does the RocketLit diagnostic work?

RocketLit's diagnostic assesses students' current reading level through 3 short articles, each followed by a short multiple choice quiz. This diagnostic is automatically "assigned" to students when their account is created.

The articles you assign will be LOCKED in students' dashboard until they complete and submit the diagnostic.

After students complete the diagnostic, they can continue to articles you have assigned in their dashboard.

Sometimes students might not do well on their first diagnostic due to unfamiliarity, stress, or simply not having a good day! You can always have the students retake the diagnostic or adjust their reading level.

When and how does my students' reading levels change?

Students' reading levels will automatically increase as students show progress. Their reading level moves up when they receive two consecutive 80% or higher on their first attempt on two, separate articles.

You can see students' reading levels from the diagnostic under "Reports" → "Students":

Also, there is a summary of increased reading levels on your teacher dashboard in the bottom right corner:

Having trouble with the student diagnostic?

See our "Student Diagnostic Shows a White Screen on RocketLit" help article.

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