Ready to assign your assessment to your students? Follow the steps below to assign and start gathering some sweet, sweet NGSS data!

Step 1: Click on your assessment tile in the "Assessment" tab. (You can do this for your assessments or assessments "Created by Others".)

Step 2: Select the rosters to which you'd like to assign the assessment.

Step 3: Customize your assignment settings (video for a detailed walk-through):

  • Lock/Unlock

  • Due Date

  • Show/Hide Answer choices (green button on top right)

Step 4: Use the Assignment Link in a Google Classroom/Canvas/etc. post for students to login (Google, Clever, or username/password) and go right into this assessment.*

*students can also login through our general login page (link: or through their Clever dashboard if your school/district is sync'd with Clever.

Step 5: You are done! Yahoo! You can go back to your "Assessments" tab and you'll see your assessment in the "assigned" section.

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