InnerOrbit is dedicated to support all learners access our high-quality, rigorous phenomena and questions. Check out our features tools below to support your learners:

1. Text-to-Speech

Students can have the text read to them through our Readspeaker! Turn this on for specific students by visiting the "Rosters" tab, click "View all Students" in your roster, click on the student name, then change the listening setting to "on".

(Students can click the "Listen" or "Play" button on the top left corner)

2. Text Size

All students can change the size of the text in their assessments by clicking on the two "T's" on the bottom left of their assessment screen. This is default setting and does not need to be individually set!

3. Image Magnification

All students can magnify images in assessments by clicking on the image to see an enlarged version. This is default setting and does not need to be individually set!

4. Recommended Google Chrome Extension: Google Translate

Google Translate integrates with InnerOrbit's text on phenomena descriptions, questions and answers to translate our phenomena and questions into any language. This is a tool that would need to installed on the student's device.

It also provides a word/phrase translation by highlighting the specific words and clicking the icon. Or... change the Google Translate Extension setting to pop-up the word/phrase translation automatically ("Options" > "Immediately Display Popup").

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