This article will highlight the 4 essential District Admin Featuresthe school reports, gradebook reports, assignment reports, and grading function.

I. School Report

The School Report is where you can see a high-level view of the district data. It gives you the ability to view the NGSS data from a class, school, or district perspective.

First, let's go to the "Reports" > "School" tab.

District Usage Graph

See the general view of the completed assessments, or narrow it down to specific teachers by clicking their names. On the right bar graph, click on "all teachers" to see the total completed assessments number. (Tip: Double Click to highlight specific teacher)

NGSS Dimension Data

See how students are doing across all 3 dimensions of the NGSS from a birds-eye view. Drill down into specific grade-bands and elements to take your analysis further.


Customize your data for your needs through the Left Side Bar.

  1. Select specific assessments

  2. Narrow down the data by setting a date range

  3. View by specific school or teacher

  4. Set your average scores% for each proficiency

II. Gradebook Report

View all gradebooks across the district under the "Reports" > "Gradebook" tab. Customizethe data by changing the settings. Or export the data into a csv with the "Download Gradebook" button.

III. Assignments Report

Under the "Reports" > "Assignments" tab, you will have an overview of all assigned assessments across the district and their completion progress. Click on the "View the Full Report" to go in depth for each assessment.

The top section of the full report lists out individual student grade by classes and schools.

Scroll down to "Answers by Question" , you will find the "Download answers Report" button to export data.

Hover over each question to see the percentage ratio of students' answers.
(*Tip: You can click on the bar to view groups of students by answer choice.)

IV. Grading Tab

Under the "Grading" tab, you will see the grading progress of all free-response assessments across the district. As a district admin, you have the ability to grade all ungraded assessments for teachers across the district.

We know it's a lot of information to take in! Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or would like to schedule a live tour of your district admin account.

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