RocketLit's adaptive and differentiated science text provides students with engaging, rich science content at their exact reading level! There are many ways to intentionally leverage RocketLit's text throughout your science unit.

In this article, we will use the 5E model (image below) to discuss how you could use RocketLit at each stage of your science unit. Be sure to also check out our RocketLit Webinar on this content! 🎥

The 5 E's of Inquiry-Based Learning | Knowledge Quest


Use RocketLit to:

  • Build background knowledge (schema)

  • Gain interest in a topic (hook)

  • Develop wonderings


Use RocketLit to:

  • Confront misconceptions

  • Foster student-led interest

  • Introduce tier 2 & tier 3 vocabulary


Use RocketLit to:

  • Practice providing evidence for explanations with citations

  • Intentionally support students who need additional instruction, independently (ex: homework, study hall, etc.)

  • Structure small group instruction


Use RocketLit to:

  • Critique and revise explanations, models, arguments

  • Interest/free choice reading for additional learning


Use RocketLit to:

  • Have students reflect on Vocabulary they have mastered and need to work on

  • Revisit previous articles to reflect on growth and corrected misconceptions

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